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Cheerleading Choreography


About This Class

Being successful at choreography can be very challenging. This class will help coaches of all experience levels, even new coaches, understand what they need to do to make their routines dynamic. Whether you are creating a routine for a pep rally, half-time performance, exhibition, team competition, individual competitor, or for any other occasion you will find once you know the steps for successful choreography you will feel your creative juices begin to flow.

You will learn the basics of choreography, how to select music, mixing music, creating exciting transitions and formations, cheers, dance, stunts, uniform selection, and more.

About The Instructor

Sheila Angalet





Course Type

This is not a certification course. Students will receive an electronic report card via email upon completion of the class in PDF format which students may print to hard copy version via their browsers. To view PDF formats, you may need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Required Materials

  • Let's Cheer video
  • 8 ˝ x 11 Spiral Notebook
  • graph paper (small package)
  • pencils w/ erasers


Course Objectives

  • To assist new and experienced coaches with choreography from start to finish.
  • To teach you how to choose music and mixing techniques.
  • To establish the elements needed for a winning routine.
  • To provide you with key elements needed to create exciting routines.
  • To assist you with which rules apply to your team whether non-competitive or competitive.


Quizzes/Assignments = 40 %
Journal writings/Projects = 40%
Final Exam = 20%


: 90-100% = A
: 80-89.9% = B
: 70-79.9% = C
: 60-69.9% = D
: below 60% = F

Make-Up Exams And Late Work

Full Students Only: It is important to turn in assignments on a timely basis, because this helps show how you'd meet deadlines on day to day real life scenarios. You will generally have a couple of days to turn in assignments. Work should be submitted by due dates unless prior arrangements are made with instructor. Assignments will be accepted up to one week late but will be penalized 10 points, and no assignments will be accepted more than one week late without prior approval from the instructor or an excused absence as explained in the SpiritU Before you Begin section.

Course Syllabus

Week 1

Choreography Basics

  • Evaluating your squad/group or individual weakness and strengths
  • Formations and Transitions
  • Difficulty vs. Safety
  • Be Prepared
  • Attitudes before, during and after performances
Week 2

Routine Types

  • Pep Rally/Half - Time Routines
  • Exhibitions
  • Competitive Routines
Week 3


  • Sources for Music
  • Selection of Music
  • Editing/Mixing of music
  • Licensing
Week 4

Creating Routines/Project

  • Do It Yourself or Hire Someone
  • Cheer
  • Dance
  • Stunts
  • Transitions…Yes, Transitions again
  • Project
Week 5

Rules and Guidelines

  • National Federation/AACCA
  • Competitions
  • Others


Week 6

Final Steps and Final Exam

  • Teaching the material
  • Is your squad prepared?
  • Show Time
  • Final Exam

[Class authored by Terri Berry and Leslie Goettsch. All SpiritU® classes are written exclusively for SpiritU®, and are the sole property of Leslie's Best, Inc.]


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