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Cheerleading Basics – The ABC’s of Coaching


About This Class

"Cheerleading Basics - The ABC’s of Coaching is a course designed to assist beginning coaches with the ins and outs of operating a cheerleading program effectively. This course is created in such a way that any coach can easily comprehend the instructional material, enabling them to gain the necessary information to be successful in any coaching situation. The course includes discussions on such topics as Practices, Safety, Fundraising, Tryouts, Competitions, & more. Essential organizational tools will also be provided to make your lives easier like calendars, forms, constitutions, and more. So whether you’re exchanging ideas in the “Cheer Chat” forum, working on answers to real-life scenarios to take back to your squad, or discussing cheerleading issues one-on-one with your instructor, this course will help you take the first steps toward building a first-rate cheerleading program.

About The Instructor

Sheila Angalet



Required Materials

Coaching Cheerleading Successfully Book by Linda Rae Chappell - The definitive how-to book on coaching cheerleaders. Explains cheer techniques, moves and basics as well as how to plan and develop cheerleading programs. All of its suggestions for skills and stunts follow the National Federation of State High School Association's safety guidelines. You may order this book on the enrollment form when enrolling.



Course Type

This is not a certification course. Students will receive an electronic report card via email upon completion of the class in PDF format which students may print to hard copy version via their browsers. To view PDF formats, you may need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Course Objectives

  • To prepare students for success in their coaching adventure.
  • To help students develop solutions for their unique situations.
  • To challenge the creativity of students.
  • To expand student knowledge about the various aspects of coaching.
  • To provide students with enough information so they are able to evaluate and challenge the status quo.
  • To provide basic resources necessary for any inexperienced coach to feel confident with their new coaching responsibilities.


% of Grade


below 60%=F

Make-Up Exams And Late Work

Full Students Only: It is important to turn in assignments on a timely basis, because this helps show how you'd meet deadlines on day to day real life scenarios. You will generally have a couple of days to turn in assignments. Work should be submitted by due dates unless prior arrangements are made with instructor. Assignments will be accepted up to one week late but will be penalized 10 points, and no assignments will be accepted more than one week late without prior approval from the instructor or an excused absence as explained in the SpiritU Before you Begin section.

Input From CheerBasics Students

I am learning alot with this course. My son is playing basketball for his middle school and I have noticed over the last couple of games that we have no cheerleaders. Now all of our games have been away so I'm not sure if they just don't travel or if there aren't any. I know they have a pom squad, but I don't know what it is used for. YET. Today is a home game so I will get to see if things are different for home games. Of course, these past 6 weeks have armed me with enough knowledge to approach either the coach or the school depending on the situation and make myself available. It's also given me the courage to do that.

The course has been wonderful. I'm glad I took it and need to get back on Leslie's site [DanceCheer.NET] to get more course information. The nice thing about this is that I don't have to set aside a bulk of time to go to a clinic. Let alone find a coach's clinic which are few and far between if you don't have squads that attend camps. So be sure to thank Leslie for offering this service.

Cheer Coach, Youth Football League

...the course materials in general were excellent. The links to different items relating to the topic were very helpful., The test covered everything covered in the course. The projects (aka homework) were done in a manner to get you to think and really put the whole process of being a good coach to use. ... [The instructor] is very knowledgeable on the subject and is also very open when you have questions or concerns. His ability to discuss the topics clearly was clearly. Again, he has been in this field for years and really knows what he is talking about. Topics flowed well and went together well. I am always searching for more information and this class really fit the bill. All in all it was a great class.

...I will definitely consider taking another SpiritU class. I like the format of doing it online. The instructors are knowledgeable and the courses are laid out very well.

Cheer Coach, Youth Football League
[written in course evaluation]

Overall quality of class: Excellent! Value of information provided: Excellent! Organization of class: Excellent!

Nicole Singer

Course Syllabus

Week 1 Communication
  • w/Administration
  • w/Staff
  • w/Parents/Guardians
  • Team Members
  • Leaving A Paper Trail
  • Keeping Accurate Records
  • Being Prepared
  • Choosing Appropriate Facilities
  • What To Do When Someone Misses Practice
  • Using Your Captain(s) Effectively
  • How To Plan An Effective Practice
  • Tips For Setting Performance Goals
  • Worksheet For Squad Practices
Week 2 Safety
  • Safety Guidelines (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • Supervision
  • Pre-Participation Evaluation
  • Emergency Plan
  • First-Aid Certification
  • Know Your Stunting Guidelines
  • Legal Responsibility of Coaches
  • Performer Readiness
  • Using A Calendar
  • Documenting Injuries
  • Keeping Accurate Records
  • Squad Phone Tree
  • VIP Phone List
Week 3 School & Community Activities
  • Choosing Activities That Appropriately Represent Your Squad
  • Benefits of Community Service
  • Getting Your School Involved
  • Choosing The Right Competition
  • Know The Rules
  • Filling Out Forms
  • Hiring Professionals To Create Routine
Week 4 Budget Preparation
  • Know The Correct Procedures (Including Deadlines)
  • Padding Your Budget
  • Be Specific
  • Sample Worksheets
  • Assessing The Profit Ratio
  • Start Up Costs
  • Gaining Approval
  • Informing Your Squad
  • Advertising
  • Keeping Records
Week 5 Games
  • Preparing For Game Performance
  • Creating A Travel Plan
  • Crowd Involvement - Putting The “Leader” Back In Cheerleader
  • Game Itinerary Form
  • Benefits of Teambuilding
  • Teambuilding Activities
  • Your Role As Facilitator
Week 6 Tryouts
  • Advertising
  • Establishing Your Criteria
  • Determining Standards For Your Team
  • Document Everything
  • Notifying The Team: There Is No Right Way
Expanding Your Horizons
  • Attending Clinics/Conferences
  • Networking
  • Joining Clubs/Affiliations/Associations
  • Using The Internet
  • Read, Read, Read

PLEASE NOTE: Syllabus is subject to change.

[Original class authored by Michael Bolden and Leslie Goettsch, and portions edited by Terri Berry. All SpiritU® classes are written exclusively for SpiritU®, and are the sole property of Leslie's Best, Inc.]


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