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Welcome to the Coaching Corner. This is a place for coaches and team leaders to share ideas for signs, awards, gifts, pep rallies, motivation, team building, homecoming themes, poems, and other resources. I see lots of coaches ask for these types of things, so please share your best ideas here. By sharing your best ideas, the spirit community as a whole benefits. Thanks so much for your awesome input! Thanks also to the CheerList for granting us permission to reprint exerpts from top cheer coaches around the world to get you started! We hope you find the information or connection that you need.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a forum for asking questioins about technique or team issues...those types of questions should be posted in the Interact forums under the team's discipline (ie: colorguard, cheerleading, dance team, twirling, etc.). By posting your questions to the appropriate forums, it helps keep the information more organized, enables visitors to find information more easily, and helps you to receive the maximum response to your own questions. Unrelated posts that do not follow these guidelines will be removed without notice. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.

Be sure to scroll down this page PAST the spirit and gift ideas to post your own ideas to share with everyone, or ask for ideas that you need. These are all ideas submitted for your team's use. You may take these ideas as is or modify them to your discipline, your needs, and/or your budget. I hope you can get something useful from these tips! Thanks again for visiting DanceCheer.NET. Please be sure to tell other coaches and teamleaders about our many great resources, whether they be coaches at different schools or coaches of other teams at your own school.

Awards Ideas

I'm having my annual end of the year banquet next weekend and I give out awards each year such as MVP, Rookie, Spirit, leadership and dedication. I have 7 seniors and would like to recognize each of them with an award, does anyone have any suggestions?
Compliments of CheerList

When my son played soccer, one of his coaches wanted to recognize him (as a graduating player) for not his skills (which were OK) but for his stick-to-it-tiveness - and so awarded him a trophy for Tenacity. He was quite proud of that - because it spoke to a positive attribute and one that was not fluff. (Plus, as a graduating senior when he played Varisty soccer - that same tenacity earned him the Coaches Award)

Last year at our All-Star banquet, the coach tried to mention something positive about each member of the team - my daughter got recognized for being an awesome base and never letting her flier hit the ground.

Play with words a bit and find each of those cheerleaders' great talent or good point and you'll have your awards in no time.
Compliments of CheerList and Sheila Angalet, coach of MJB Spirit Squads and SpiritU instructor

NCA cheer camp officials also recognize cheerleaders for Leadership values...I received this award myself, and I was so happy because I was doubting myself - thinking maybe I was being a little to controlling. Having someone recognize my "take charge" attitude felt really good. I was a good reminder that "constructive criticism" can be constructive, by using honesty and patience in the process. This award may also set an example for the cheerleaders who will be cheering next year also.
Compliments of CheerList and Amy

My Coaches make us Miss America Banners that say things about us. THis year I got Miss Spartan Cheerleader with my friend because we would always be doing those cheers. And last year I got Miss Hairspray Gang with my stunt group because of an inside joke. It's alot of fun because we are the only ones who understand them!!
Compliments of CheerList and Darla

I remember in High School we used to give out awards for funny things. Like I got an award for most amazing tumbler and saying retarted things. Some people got like best motions, best facials ect ect but they usually had doubled with something funny like 'Hairiest Legs" (don't Ask) or something like that.
Compliments of CheerList and Travis

You could give them an outstanding spirit award, explain that they have all shown outstanding spirit as seniors.
Compliments of CheerList

  • 'Personal Best' - for the girl who had really maxed out everything-stunt, dance, cheer...
  • 'Nerves of Steel' - for the flyer who basically had the biggest ... well, she was willing to try stuff that no one else would, and I thought this pretty much explained it.
  • 'Most Spirited' - a guy won this one this year (his mom said he went home and nearly cried because he knew it was the hardest one to get)
  • 'Hidden Strength' - for a guy who found the strength to press a heel stretch (he is a sophmore and the girls think he isn't too tough) all by himself when the other guy that is supposed to help him didn't know where to grip (all of the sudden - a brain fade or something).
  • 'Best Moves' - no explaination necessary
  • 'Most Versatile' - I could put this girl anywhere, dance, fly, base, cheer and change it in a moment's notice and she could do it.
  • 'Best Technique' - no explaination necessary.
  • 'Best Stunt Technique'
  • 'Choreographer'

    I can think of a few others (I don't have my list in front of me of who won what), but as the season plays out each award is pretty much earned (and recognized) by the individual girl. I also tell the team that I could have given nearly everyone 3 or 4 of these awards, but I had to choose the person that most stood out to earn the award.
    Compliments of CheerList and Teresa Creech, coach of the Humboldt All-Stars

    Banquet Ideas

    A great idea for placemats is to make placemats out of a collage of pictures from that year's events (ie: camps, competitions, tryouts, dances, fundraisers, big sis/lil' sis and other meeetings, etc.). Make a collage of pics and photocopied them on 11x17 paper to use as placemats. Slick paper looks especially nice. You can use black and white copies for guests and parents and colored copies for team members, coach, managers, and others who have been espcially important to your team. Make sure that everyone is somewhere on the placemat so that no one feels left out. Another variation of this idea which works especially well for smaller teams is to have a poem in the center and then the collage around it. Or you could just write your team's name and the year. Write it on a matching piece of paper (like construction or craft paper), then tear it out for a more authentic collage look. There are lots of websites with examples and tips on collages and decoupages if you want some ideas. These make a great addition to your scrapbook too!

    You can use your poms or a popular prop (for dance teams) on the tables as part of the centerpieces, and sprinkle cany in your team colors all over (ie: colored Heshey's Kisses are pretty for this).

    Each member can take home a rose (maybe in your team colors or wrapped with ribbon in your team colors) that was at each placesetting, as well as the balloons from the centers.

    For entertainment, make a video yearbook as a presentation playing cool music to enhance it. Try to make sure everyone is in the video if at all possible (so this works best if you can start this early in the year and get the person[s] video taping everyone to try to get everyone on tape). Other possible activities include secret pals, gag gifts, the coach(es) each give a speech, a group of parents can make up their own routine (be sure to include difficult moves like stunts, jumps, leaps, flag tosses, etc. for extra exciting choreography...Dads are even better!), You can will the emergency "tackle box" (which contains things like first aid items, chewable aspirin, bobby pins, rubber bands, safety pins, mega hold hairspray, chapstick, small hand mirror, teasing comb, etc. to one of the girls (as an alternative to captain or manager) and this person will be responsible for keeping it stocked and at every event. ,

    A great banguet gift idea is to have each senior's initials or names embroidered on the towel in team colors (polo towels are especially nice). Roll the towel up and tie it with a matching ribbon and set on their chairs before the banquet starts. This is something that is very useful to those heading for college or moving into their own place for the first time.

    Gift Ideas

    One idea I heard that was really sweet was when old team members graduate and go on to make a big college or pro dance, drill, cheer, or guard squad, they would send their former coach a charm from their new team. This means a lot to the former coach who is proud to have played a part in that student's growth toward bigger goals. One coach even wears all the charms she has received on one charm bracelet.

    A great banguet gift idea is to have each senior's initials or names embroidered on the towel in team colors (polo towels are especially nice). Roll the towel up and tie it with a matching ribbon and set on their chairs before the banquet starts. This is something that is very useful to those heading for college or moving into their own place for the first time.

    Great gifts for competitions include motivational sayings which are framed, a list of do's & don'ts (be sure to include reminders for them to demonstrate good sportsmanship to ALL the teams competing), organizers or "emergency " kits (with rubber bands, matching team lipstick, a patch, travel sized hair spray, protein or nutrition bar, etc.), the "Magic Pills" recipe below, etc.

    One of the sweetest gifts I received was a T-shirt signed by ALL the girls on the team with their messages and thoughts. It proudly hangs with my plaques and other things - always bringing a smile to my face.

    Another great gift I received was a memory book. My team mom enlisted the help of all the parents that took pictures and added comments and cutouts and created a wonderful memory of an awesome season. Compliments of CheerList and Sheila Angalet, coach of MJB Spirit Squads and SpiritU instructor

    Last year my squad had a picture taken together after or before a game and then had it framed in a nice silver frame and had my name, the team name and the year engraved on it. It was very nice and it hanging in my office. One year they made me a small scrapbook and in it each girl wrote me a letter. That was the best! It doesn't have to be cheer-related stuff - the sentimental things are best! Compliments of CheerList and Nicole

    Last year, our team made me a scrapbook. It has over 100 candid pictures, several cards, a poem and individual "cheer" photos that were taken by a professional photographer. The layout was somewhat of a time line, starting with last year's tryouts, camp, our new uniforms coming in, games and finally the awards banquet. Most of the photos were simply extras from the normal picture taking by cheerleaders and parents and the book itself was a simple scrapbook with a hard cover. But it will always be a cherished treasure, since almost every one in the book will be gone (graduated, transfer to another college, etc.) at the end of this year. I will never see most of these girls again. The poem, pictures and the cards signed by every one could never, ever be replaced. Compliments of CheerList and Rick Callebs, coach and SpiritU instructor

    Here's one I gave my cheerleaders the night before their first competition. In a ziploc baggie, was an array of M&M's (I actually took several bags and separated all the colors and put in proportionately more of those colors with larger amounts, and fewer of those colors that had lesser numbers. Each bag had at least two of every color. Also in the bag was a sheet of paper with this written on it:

    Magic Pills
    As I was running errands earlier today, I met a wise old elf. She was very pleasant and asked why I was in such a hurry. I told her I had a cheerleading practice with you girls - our last one before competition.

    "Cheerleaders?" she asked. "Are they any good?"

    Well, being the proud coach that I am, I responded - "Of course, when they put their minds to it!"

    "So tell me more" she asked, and I sat down and told her about each and every one of you.

    When we were all finished with our chat, she was pleased that I took the time to be with her. She was so pleased and impressed that she sent along a gift for each of you. She told me that if you follow the directions exactly as they are, you will shine at competition tomorrow!

    These are magic "pills" to be taken very specifically and carefully. Look over their descriptions and consider your needs before you do anything.

    The BLUE pills are for helping you to stick your stunts (whether you base, spot or fly) and any tumbling passes that you do.

    The RED pills are for mighty Team spirit - to help keep it shining through.

    The GREEN pills will make your jumps strong and powerful so that you'll seen to be flying.

    The ORANGE pills are for mighty voices that will keep strong and not seem to be dying.

    The YELLOW pills help to make you smile - you know you're winners with those great grins!!!

    The BROWN pills are to help pull it all together - no matter what anybody else says - we all know you're WINNERS!!!

    The way these "pills" work is very strange indeed. You may take one each (up to three) for the three things you think you need the most help with no more than 24 hours (one day) before the event. At the event, you can only take three other "pills" before you perform - try to save at lesat one of every color!

    After you finish your turn, the elf said, if you eat one of every color immediately, your routine will stick in the judges' memories.

    The elf also told me to share this "BEWARE" with you. If you take them in any way other than the way she said, the results could be B-A-D!!! She wouldn't say how - but I don't want to see - do you?

    Compliments of CheerList and Sheila Angalet, coach of MJB Spirit Squads and SpiritU instructor

    Spirit Bags

  • a BALLOON - to keep your spirit inflated
  • a BAND-AID - for healing hurt feelings (yours or others)
  • a BOUNCY BALL - keep your bounce and spirit
  • a CANDLE - remember, you are the bright spot in someone's life everyday!
  • a COTTONBALL - for the rough times, always go for the comfort of your teammates
  • an ERASER - to remember that every day is a clean start
  • a GLOVE - to keep your hands on your stunt
  • GUM - to help you stick your stunts/tumbling
  • HERSHEY HUGS - we all give and receive hugs here
  • LIFESAVERS - because cheerleaders can save the game with their spirit
  • a PENCIL - to help you get the cheers (w)rite
  • a POPSICLE STICK - remember to keep good straight arms
  • a PUZZLE PIECE - you are a part of something bigger, that isn't complete without you
  • RAISINS - remember to keep 'raisin the roof'
  • RIBBON - to show your team colors everyday
  • a RUBBER BAND - stay flexible
  • SMARTIES - you are a 'smartie' when school work comes first
  • SPARKLING CONFETTI (or sequins) - because YOU are all sparkle and shine
  • a SPONGE - to soak up all the new information and ideas you'll be getting
  • A STAMP - to keep "stamping" to the beat
  • STARS - because that's what you are!!!!!!!" "
  • a "STIRRER" - because cheerleaders can stir things up
  • SWEETTARTS - to accept and appreciate the differences in others
  • TOOTHPASTE - To keep that sparkling smile

    Compliments of CheerList and Sheila Angalet, coach of MJB Spirit Squads and SpiritU instructor


    Have a "Spirit Week" which includes a different theme day each day of the week. Or have a week with one theme and each day could be something different from that theme. There is no end to the possibilities! Here's a few popular themes to get your creative juices flowing:

    • Beach Day
    • Crazy Hair Day
    • Disco Day
    • Dress as your Favorite Teacher Day
    • Dress as your Favorite Famous Person/Character Day (or make a day from a famous character like Austin Powers Day or Spartan Cheerleaders Day)
    • Dress-up Day (wear Sunday clothes, not costumes)
    • 50's Day
    • Gender Bender Day (guys dress as girls & vice versa)
    • Hat Day
    • Hawaiian Day
    • Hex Day
    • Hippy or Flower Power Day
    • Invasion of the Geeks or Nerds Day
    • Jersey Day
    • Midieval Times Day
    • Mismatched Socks Day
    • Mourning Day
    • Movie or TV Show themes like Grease, Saturday Night Live, Wayne's World, Phantom of the Opera, etc. or watch shows like Saturday Night Live for ideas from their skits (just remember to keep it age appropriate & tasteful)
    • Pajama Day
    • Retro Day
    • School Colors Day (or you can call it "Spirit Day")
    • Tacky Day
    Remind everyone to keep it tasteful and age appropriate. Search the internet for ideas on each theme. Check your drama department for possible costumes, decorations, pep rally, or prop ideas. If your school does not have a drama or theater department, then check a local college. If they are hesitant, you may offer to complete a rental or loan agreement stating that you will return whatever you use in the same condition it was in when borrowed or you will pay to repair any damages(which always offers them peace of mind, especially when the items they loan or rent to you are very expensive items)..

    One night we have "Stud" volleyball, where the junior guys play the senior guys in volleyball, and one night we have "Powder Puff" football, with the junior girls against the senior girls and the jr. and sr. guys are cheerleaders. The cheerleaders sponsor a "Teacher Homecoming King and Queen" contest, and collect 10 cents per vote from students during lunch time. They spend their spare change to vote for their favorite teacher as king or queen. At the pep rally on Friday afternoon, all teachers are lined up on the gym floor and the king and queen are crowned (with funny cardboard crowns). This event has been very popular the last several years.

    Also at the pep rally we did an activity called "Wrap Up A Win". I got this idea from Pam Headridge's web page here on the cheerlist. It was lots of fun. We had a football player from each class choose a partner, and one in each pair was given a roll of toilet paper. They had to see who could wrap up their partner in the TP the fastest. The trick is that all but the seniors get a double roll, and the seniors get a single roll, so they win.
    Compliments of CheerList and Rita

    you could also do freeze them out "panthers" and have everyone wear gloves winter coats and scafts. another idea is tear them inside out "panthers" and have everyone wear their clothes inside out.

    For a pep rally you could have a beauty contest and have the guys dress up in girls dresses, ect... and have a contest we do that with our senior guys and it is so funny. then the next day at school they have to wear the crown. This year we got one from burger king and just put fake jewels on it, also we got him a ring pop and had him wear that too.
    Compliments of CheerList and stacey

    We had each class nominate a girl & a guy, and also a male & female teacher; they were competing against each other based on their class (Frosh, Soph, Jr, Sr, teacher). From Mon - Thurs they took cash donations regarded as votes (each penny was a vote), and on Friday at the Pep Assembly the looser received a pie in the face from the winner!! The money that was collected went to either Student Council or into each classes treasury (can't remember - graduated in '81)!! It was a blast! We also devoted one assembly for each sport throughout the uear. Even though we cheered for football and basketball, it was our responsibility to promote school spirit for all teams.
    Compliments of CheerList and Kelly

    We noramally have corrination one Monday to start off the week and we have skits put on that are suppose to pump up the crowd. We have been having trouble with classes having a lack of creativity in the skits and was wondering if anyone thinks it would be a bad idea if we changed the skits to like a Tallent night thing. Then we could have people sing and what not instead of the normal JH skits were they throw a FB around and make a bunch of noise on stage and then close the curtain. (If you are wondering our school is K-12)
    Compliments of CheerList and Angela, Cheerleading Captain & Jr. High Cheerleading Coach NWHS, Mellette, South Dakota

    At my school, we have themed dressing every day of HCing week. Like Monday is Disco Day, Tuesday is Jersey Day, Wednesday is Mismatched Socks Day, Thursday is Dress-up Day (wear Sunday dress, not costumes), & Friday is Black & Gold Day (our school colors). We're only a 9-12 school, so we don't announce the Queen until 1/2 time of the big game. On Thursday night, we have a bonfire, including the CLers (all the squads at school), the band, the football players (of course), & the local fire dep't (just in case). On Friday, the school board dismisses school early, & we have a parade. The football players don't participate as they have to get their game face on. Anybody can be in it. All the clubs at school, the CLs (HS & MS), etc. It doesn't last long, but it promotes more school spirit. Compliments of CheerList and Paige

    Two weeks prior to Homecoming Week,the cheerleaders have an evening fashion show of gowns and tuxes. Our Homecoming dance is formal.

    On Homecoming week, each day is a "dress in the theme day".....Beach Day, 60's Day, etc. Each class earns spirit points and the winner is announced on Friday at the assembly. On Wednesday evening we have a Talent/Fun Show called Hootenanny. On Friday, the cheerleaders serve lunch to the varsity football players. On Friday we also have a Pep/Coronation Assembly. Also each class designs a class banner to be displayed during the Pep Assembly. Also the student council along with the Homecoming Court invite the alumni for an Alumni Tea after school. After school, the cheerleaders decorate the town and stadium with purple and gold balloons and Homecoming yard signs. 2 hours before the game we have a parade through town to the stadium called the "Snake Dance" (each class makes a float). We use to have a night-time Pep Rally at the stadium on Thursday but it conflicted with other sports (volleyball & soccer). At halftime, we present the Homecoming Court (they ride into the stadium in convertibles donated by a local car dealer). After the Coronation, we have the school's name lit in fireworks. As the football player run in after halftime, the cheerleaders have sparklers and a run-thru sign. Of course, Saturday night is the big dance. Compliments of CheerList and Pam Headridge, coach of Oak Harbor High School, WA

    Something that not only the students and faculty look forward to, but the residents and downtown business people love is when the cheerleaders kick off the homecoming pep rally the day of the game by riding the fire truck through town. They meet the fire truck and climb on at the edge of down, then with sirens blaring and lights flashing, the truck ever so slowly drives down main street and then on to the school (about a two mile trip). The cheerleaders cheer the entire way, and as tradition would have it, the downtown business people (decked out in their blue and white attire), fly their "Bluestreak Flags" outside their businesses, and then come out to greet the fire truck as it goes by.

    Once we get to the high school, the football players, volleyball players and tennis players are all in decorated grain trucks, (remember, it's Kansas! Hehehe), the marching band is ready to go, and the students and faculty are lined up for the "Snake Parade. With a police escort, we travel back down the street, past the elementary school (who have the kids all outside to watch!), down main street to the pep rally that is held downtown.

    The fire truck is a much anticipated part of the pep rally. If anyone so chooses to use a fire truck, it is important to have a "Warning" placed in the local paper to notify residents that this will be happening. This is a nice gesture for the older residents who might be alarmed by the sirens.

    Compliments of CheerList and Tonya Cox, Neodesha Varsity Cheer Coach


    Well, we just got back from camp and I have realized that as much as I love the girls and want them to do well, they have to want it for themselves. They pretty much wined and cried a lot and felt the need to tell me every 5 seconds that they were "hot, tired, sore," etc. I told them they were at camp, that was a give and to suck it up. Although they looked really good come final day of camp, I had to go through hell to get them to look that, which I think they still could have looked A LOT better.

    They aren't always as bad as they were at camp and I understand that it is one of those situations where you get to learn a lot about people based on the way they act, but how can I get them motivated to look and accomplish their best? I feel they only work as good as they have to work to get by. And when it comes down to it, they usually aren't satisfied with the place they took, because (I think) they know they should have practiced harder. I tell them "you perform how you practice" and although they do a bit better when they are performing, it looks about the same to me come competition time. I don't think I'm mean, but I do work them pretty hard already. Any suggestions?
    Compliments of CheerList

    How do we get them to give 110% all of the time? Awwww....the million dollar question. If I could answer that and have a tried and true solution I would be a genius. Sadly I am not but here are a couple of things I do when they fall into the "whiney stage" 1 --- "Catch" them when they do something right or when they are working hard. Lavish them with praise. 2 --- Do some role playing skits . Let them perform them. They cannot play themselves and they cannot refer directly to any specfic cheerleader. 3 --- When discipline is necessary I have a bag or box ( I call mine the "Twilight Zone"). The cheerleader that is being disciplined must pick out a slip a paper from the box ( we call it a "TZ") and do whatever that says. Now the fun part is the cheerleaders are the ones who made up the disciplines that are on the slips of paper (with a little supervision from the coach). They are very creative it their ideas. Things like "run around the gym and talk to the doors" "Bring a treat for the team at the next practice" I usually do all the TZs at the end of practice so the cheerleaders can enjoy the disciplines and usually there are several who have TZs.
    Compliments of CheerList and Pam

    Michelle, one of the biggest jobs for any coach is how to motivate them and make them "want it".

    If I had the solution, I'd bottle it and be a millionaire! However, there was something we did with the squad at Sam that they learned to love. It's called "Don't state the obvious!" Very simply, statements like "It's hot" are not allowed. On the third day of camp, EVERYONE IS SORE! After we disallowed those comments, the squad themselves learned that they got more accomplished when they weren't complaining, and that they all felt a little better when they didn't catch the "complaint bug". It's contagious, just like a yawn!
    Compliments of CheerList and Jim Lord of AACCA

    Pep Rallies

    Pep rallies are important for bringing schools and communities together to support your team. Of course, the goal of every pep rally is to build up team spirit for the game and to hopefully increase attendance at that game. It's important to get everyone involved in the pep rally and to have FUN! Think of fun things for staff to do (students love to see staff in a less formal atmosphere). Other essential things to include in the pep rally are the band, drill team, pep squad, cheerleaders, colorguard, twirlers, and other clubs or performing groups. Have the band play music. The drill team/pep squad can perform hand routines in the stands as well as a dance on the gym floor. Include skits, contests, and other fun activities. See the Homecoming section above for some great ideas for pep rallies and check back from more ideas to come! Meanwhile here's a few ideas... Contests:

  • Pie Eating Contest
  • Think of contests or skits where the cheerleader(s) dress as one of the football players (if it's a football pep rally) and dress up a football player for the opponent's team who loses the contest.
  • Who Has The Most Spirit Contest (pit each class agaist each other to see who can yell for the team the the freshmen, then the sophomores, then the juniors, then the seniors) or you can pit one side of the gym against the other side Skits:
  • Other Ideas:
  • Giveaways during the pep rallies or at the games always gets the crowd excited. It can be wrapped candy, or get someone to sponsor little footballs...which have their name or logo printed on them.
  • Bonfires are great ways to bring everyone together. These can be done at homecoming or at a big rival's game. You could announce the team's players, and invite all of the captains of all of the different sports teams (boy's and girl's) to get a long tree branch (that had been trimmed and wrapped with dried grass on one end...this was already prepared in advance), and have them help light the fire together. Have your band play your school's fight song while you sing it and other songs (like whatever song they play on touchdowns). Make up cheers like "we're fired up" or other sayings to play on the bonfire theme. You could teach an easy line dance with repeating eight counts to anyone who wants to learn the steps and then play it the night of the bonfire so everyone could dance. Also, ask different organizations in your school to make up skits. The football players could learn a quickie cheer in 5 minutes and perform it (include jumps and stunts for extra excitement!) and then the players can teach the cheerleaders a football play which the cheerleaders do. You could provide hot dogs and smores to cook in the fire. A great way to end the bonfire is to have the football players and finally the coach speak, then play your fight song again, and then everyone leaves. Make a big stuffed version of the opponent's mascot prior to the bonfire to bounce around while chanting some cheers about how you're going to wipe them out, and then have one of the football players throw it into the bon fire just before the last playing of the school fight song starts.. With bonfires, you must always keep safety as FIRST priority...whether building it, lighting it, or having people stand close or throw things in it. So be sure to discuss safety issues with your administration before planning any bonfire..

    For more pep rally ideas, visit the Homecoming section above.

    Quotes & Poems

    Try taking old poems and rhyming tales and substituting your own words. Like this..."Now I lay me down too sleep, with poms and megaphones [or dancers substitute "dance shoes" in place of megaphones] at my feet..."

    Little Eyes Upon You

    There are little eyes upon you And they’re watching night and day. There are little ears that quickly Take in everything you say. There are little hands all eager To do anything you do; And a little girl who’s dreaming Of the day she’ll be like you.

    You’re the little girl’s idol, You’re the wisest of the wise. In her little mind about you No suspicions ever rise. She believes in you devoutly, Holds all that you say and do; She will say and do, in your way, When she’s grown up like you.

    There’s a wide-eyed little girl Who believes you’re always right; And her eyes are always opened, And she watches day and night. You are setting an example Every day in all you do, For the little girl who’s waiting To grow up to be like you.
    Compliments of CheerList and Shannon


    Cheerleading is a way of life, shared by a chosen few, It is a working as a unit in everything you do.

    Cheerleading is rivalry, the competition makes you strong, It is sharing secrets and tears, learning to get along.

    Cheerleading is that ongoing drive to be the very best, It is patience, perseverance, and a very little rest.

    Cheerleading is having poise and charm with every word you say, It is total dedication twenty-four hours a day.

    Cheerleading is your chance to express your individual style, It is always being ready with encouragment or a smile.

    Cherleading is reaching out to comfort a sister who is sad, It is defending each other in good times and bad.

    Cheerleading is always being there when someone asks, It is treasuring the present moment and letting go of the past.

    Cheerleading is a talent to be able to shine on cue, It is hiding the pain and anguish that if only people knew.

    Cheerleaders after all, are real people that sometimes get down. But when they're in the spotlight, they must never put on a frown.

    Cheerleaders are actresses, always ready to go, That is why it is important for all the world to know.

    Cheerleaders are full of life and a little bit out of their mind, Not every girl can be a cheerleader, it takes a special kind.
    Compliments of CheerList

    There are risks and costs to a program of action but they are far less than the long range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.
    Quote by John F. Kennedy

    Champions believe in themselves even if no one else does.
    Author unknown

    It's better to deserve and award and not receive it than to receive an award and not deserve it.
    Compliments of CheerList and Nicole of MHS Competition Squad

    When asked, "What is the purpose of Cheerleading?"

    Our answer was "To effectively lead a crowd in support of an athletic team and to generate spirit and pride within a school or community."

    The other question was "What does Cheerleading involve?"

    "Cheerleading involves Cheers, Chants, Dance, Tumbling, Gymnastics, Jumps, Partner Stunts and Pyramid Building. Accepted as an athletic discipline in it's own right in many counties it goes far beyond entertaining at ball games. Cheerleaders must be able to lead cheers, synchronising and motivating large crowds with personality, spirit, positive attitudes and be role model examples of good sportsmanship and behaviour. They must also be knowledgeable P.R. representatives and be able to communicate with young and old alike. Competitions, Parades, Carnivals, plus charity and community events are all part of their schedule."
    Compliments of CheerList and Bob Kiralfy of British Cheerleading

    Signs & Poster Slogans

    Find great slogans in dance and cheer catalogs! You can also find great slogans in specialty catalogs for Volleyball, tennis, golf catalogs and the like. (Try looking up sports sites on the internet too!) My fellow athletic coaches often get duplicate catalogs in the mail and I've requested that they give me their spare catalogs for that purpose and they are always happy to help me out especially when they know why we need them.

    We've already begun making posters to hang in the hallways, and have come up with some really creative ones using even some Austin Powers sayings! For example: "Bluestreak Volleyball....It's Smashing Baby!" (for volleyball). You can have alot of fun if you use your imagination and "think outside the box"!

    When watching NCAA basketball for example, I always jot down great sayings that the commentators use! Dick Vitale has some hysterical ones!

    Happy poster making everyone! 8:o)

    Compliments of CheerList and Tonya Cox, Neodesha Varsity Cheer Coach

    Compliments of CheerList and GoFastMom

    We were caught up in the dilemma of spending so much time on breakthrough signs that were used for only a few seconds, then thrown away. A couple of suggestions -

    One year we had an overnighter right before school started to draw and paint all the signs for the season. We then hung them in the school hallways to get everyone pumped up for the beginning of the year, and took them down one by one as they were needed for the games. At least this way they served a dual purpose.

    Last year I asked for our custodian's help. I asked him to make a simple 3-sided frame out of scrap lumber which was about 7 feet tall and 5 feet wide. We took our old pom-poms that were not being used any more and stapled them around the frame, then we cut long, narrow strips of plastic, also in our school colors, and hung them vertically from the top of the frame. The players then ran through this frame before each game. We used this over and over, and it was very colorful and appealing to the crowd.
    Compliments of CheerList and Rita, BHS Cheerleaders

    If there are 9 like at your high school you can do the following:- If you are concerned about the price of breakthrough signs, why don't you just ask each squad member to donate about $1 or $2 and bring in paints and markers from home. If you want ideas, find out who on the squad can draw really well and asks them to draw a football player on one, a cheerleader on another, possibly your mascot, a football field, a football, write sports related words, motivational words, team members' numbers and names, squad members' numbers and names.
    Compliments of CheerList and Deidra M. cheerleader @ BTHS in NYC

    Spirit Building

  • Here's some great ideas for building spirit in the crowd:

    • Break away or run through signs are a great way to get the crowd roaring. They can be temporary and made of paper or permanent and made with fabric and velcro closures. These signs can be made by cheerleaders, student council, boosters, student artists, or whatever you can think of. Have the team break thru it as their grand entrance to the game, and have the cheerleaders form a line on either side of the sign cheering as the players are introduced and run thru the sign.
    • Pep rallies and tailgate parties are great for getting your team and fans fired up.
    • Noisemakers are getting more and more popular. Some things to consider are the more traditional cow bells or the latest trend which is ThunderStix or CheerStix. Check the Spirit Mall on this website, because we will be offering them soon under the Spirit Tools category. Thunder or Cheer Sticks are not just great for their noise, but also for their color. If you have hundreds of fans, each holding two Thunder Stix, your team will be displaying a splash of team colors throughout the bleacher stands. Thunder and Cheer Sticks are also great for fundraisers.
    • Speaking of color, other great ways to display team colors are using rooter poms or pennants. Both are very inexpensive and often used as fundraisers. You can find them in the the Spirit Mall on this website.
    • Team flags are another great way to show team pride. Have your mascot, song leader, or cheerleaders run it across the sidelines whenever you score or have an important play. This sends crowds to their feet! You can find custom silk screened flags in the the Spirit Mall on this website.
    • Sports balls in team colors are great for building crowd spirit. Choose from mini footballs, basketballs, volleyballs, soccer ball, baseballs or hockey pucks. Have cheerleaders or others throw them into the crowd. You can find basic or custom imprinted custom silk screened flags in the the Spirit Mall under the Spirit Tools category.
    • Don't forget the spirit yard signs! If you've ever driven through a Texas neighborhood during football season you'll know how impressive it is to drive past numerous houses with either a football or a megaphone posted in their front yard the days of the game. It's just not the same when I drive through other places during footvball season and see nothing in the lawns. You can find basic or custom yard signs in the Spirit Mall under the Yard Signs category.

    Team Building

    Have big sisters and little sisters. After tryouts, all of the new members are instructed to meet at one of the team member's house. These instructions may be posted on a poster where the new candidates are announced or in a sealed envelope when announcements are given the tryout candidates. Once everyone gets to the house, the big sisters select little sisters and give them flowers or a little gift (homemade gifts with the team name and/or mascot are always inexpensive and popular). Then they all go out for pizza or a picnic and start getting to know each other. Or you can stay at the house and have games. Big and little sisters may also exchange gifts at games, spring shows, banquets, etc. One great gift is when a big or little sis takes pictures and makes a collage for a gift so that their little or big sis have some great memories to cherish forever. Other popular gifts are team jewelry, tshirts with hand prints or signatures of team members and mascot and write the team name on it, scrapbooks (using photos, game books, pom clippings, etc), video scrapbooks, and more. See the Gift Ideas section above for more ideas. When the sisters give each other gifts, they may have to carry them around all day, which is really fun and also attracts more candidates for future tryouts.

    Have monthly get togethers where you do fun things like picnics, pizza parties, movie nights at someone's house (and serve popcorn), etc.

    Help other coaches and team leaders by sharing your poems, coaching tips, slogans, team building, spirit and gift ideas. Or if you have pictures of cool gifts or posters or signs or anything else you think other coaches and team leaders would benefit from, please either email them to us or snail mail them to:

    Leslie's Best
    P.O. Box 545
    Windsor, CO 80550



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