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Mentors, please post your qualifications and, in order to avoid unrelated inquiries, be as specific as possible. You should list whether you are a director/coach, a choreographer, an officer, or a team member. List your related experience and what disciplines it falls under (ie: dance, drill team, cheerleading, pro cheer, colorguard, winterguard, etc.). This will help those seeking assistance to find what best suits their needs. Please try not to post general questions on this board. Those should be posted to the Interact forums.

Please note: We will no longer be accepting postings from non-mentors! Everyone needs help of some sort and so many pleas for help are causing the mentors' postings to get lost in a sea of postings. Non-mentors should post questions on the Interact Foruums within their disciplines. Non-mentor postings will be deleted without notice.

Looking for specialized assistance? Be sure to check out our comprehensive Spirit Mall featuring a comprehensive list of the most innovative spirit companies, costumes, supplies, books, music mixes, magazines, instructional & choreography videos, gifts, software and much more. Here you'll find prep classes, consultants and specialists of all types to suit your needs.

Attention!!! New Coaches or Team Leaders!

After numerous requests for help, dTe has developed a new online campus called SpiritU. SpiritU offers online classes and consulting for dance drill team, cheerleading and colorguard. These new classes offer resources most often requested by dTe visitors including basic program outlines, organizational tools like forms and calendars, tryout information and adjudication, choreography, game preparation, camp and comppetition preparedness, teambuilding, discipline, problem solving, and other common issues for coaches and directors in dance, drill team, colorguard and cheerleading. More important, these classes offer projects which encourage coaches and team leaders to exercise problem solving skills that cater to their own unique situations. SpiritU instructors are highly respected authorities from the top of their fields, and are happy to counsel SpiritU students and guide them toward more successful and efficient management of their respective teams. There will also be professional certification classes in Coaching Principles, Coaching Youth Teams and more. All at a fraction of the cost one would pay to attend a camp, clinic, conference, convention or other traditional educational venue.

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