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Thank you for contributing to the dTe Fundraising Forum. We hope you find the information or connection that you need. Your input is important to us, so please feel free to contact us with your comments or suggestions. Oh, and be sure to have fun too!

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POSTING POLICY:The main purpose of the forums is for visitors to be able to network with other coaches, dancers, cheerleaders, twirlers, etc. for the purpose of learning more about dance, bettering your skills, finding resources, jobs, etc. They are not for advertising, negative comments, unrelated posts, chit chat, spam or outside parties who may have questionable interests. Please do not post a message referring our visitors to other website for information. If you really want to help them, then list the information here so they may access everything in one convenient location. The idea of this website is to house a multitude of information in one networking community without sending visitors into NetOblivion to look in numerous places. If a forum posting is questionable in any way or falls outside of the posting policies, then it will be removed without notice. Thanks in advance for everyone's cooperation in keeping these forums filled with quality information and contacts. If you are a fundraising company wanting to let others know about your products on a site that averages over 26,000 hits per day, please visit the Spirit Mall . If you know of a fundraising company that offers incredible products that we do not already have listed in our Spirit Mall, please do not post it here, because it will be removed...instead tell your rep at that company to contact us to get listed in the Spirit Mall.

PLEASE NOTE: These forums are not checked on a daily basis. If you ever see inappropriate postings, please email us ASAP so we may take care of it right away. Thanks for helping us keep DanceCheer.NET a safe place for all ages to browse.

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