One-stop resource for dance drill teams, cheerleading, colorguard and other dance groups.  Spirit magazines, books, newsletters, newspapers, ezine, and other publications can be hard to find and fragmented.

Finally, a one-stop resource for dance drill teams, cheerleading, colorguard and other dance groups. Spirit magazines, books, newsletters, newspapers and other publications can be hard to find and fragmented. We try to list it all here to save you the time and frustration of seeking them out in a quandary of stores and websites. Please let us know how we're doing. Thanks for the inspiring testimonials!!!



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American Cheerleader magazine
Lifestyle Ventures, LLC
250 W. 57th St., Suite 1701, New York, NY 10107
List Price: $17.70, Our Price: $14.95 , You Save: $3.75 (21%)
One year/6 issues
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American Cheerleader is the only magazine for cheerleaders that is written by cheerleading experts. Each issue is packed with cheers, jumps, stunts, routines, clinics, competitions, technique, motions, tryouts, tips, coaching resources, fundraising companies and fundraisers as well as stories about training and fitness, news on events and competitions, and other information for young adults aspiring to and involved in cheerleading. Satisfaction 100% guaranteed or your money back. Order your subscription now by clicking the magazine cover graphic.





Cheers And More (CAM)
P.O. Box 18626, Minneapolis, MN 55418
CAM is an online spirit resource center, with columns on all spirit sports, scholarship information, message boards, camp information and more. They favor more towards cheerleading with their site but have information about all spirit sports.



Cheerleader Magazine (est. 1991)
Published by BCA & distributed to squads & sports organizations in 12 countries. Now available online free. Features technique, coaching tips, cheer industry news & stats, competitions info, hints & tips, milestones and much more. GREAT articles!



CHEERonline Magazine
by Varsity Spirit Corporation (UCA, UDA, USA), Memphis, TN 38133





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Dance Spirit magazine
Lifestyle Ventures, LLC
250 W. 57th St., Suite 1701, New York, NY 10107
List Price: $16.95

One year/10 issues
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If you love dance, you need DANCE SPIRIT magazine!


Each issue is jam-packed with useful, fun information that can help you develop your skills as a dancer, including:

  • Training tips from stretching to stamina
  • Columns on jazz, ballet, tap and more!
  • Combinations from award-winning performances
  • Costume workshop--the latest designs
  • Interviews with the world's best choreographers
  • Career tips from the pros
  • Where and when to compete--and how to win!

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Dance Spirit, with InMotion Supplement

Dance Spirit's InMotion Magazine
Lifestyle Ventures, LLC
Marion, OH 43306
List Price: $9.95

One year/4 issues
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The publication for Dance Teams, Color Guard and other Performance Ensembles, Advisors and Choreographers!

If you're in a performance group or thinking about trying out for one, DANCE SPIRIT'S InMotion magazine is for you! Each issue features useful and fun information to help you make the most of your abilities as a performer. Regular features include:

  • Training tips -- how to improve your technique, enhance your performance and build your team.
  • Profiles of outstanding groups -- learn how to stay on top!
  • The latest trends in performance gear and uniforms.
  • Workout and nutritional information, customized to fit your needs as a performer.
  • Complete guide to camps and performance opportunities.
  • Where to compete, and how to win!
  • All this at more than 49% OFF the cover price!

Dance Spirit's InMotion

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Below are books that some books that we sell directly as well as some sold by or Barnes & Noble. You may find that one bookstore is able to order the book of interest whereas the other is unable to. If you are unable to get a book at all, please let us know so that we may remove it from this page.




Finally...Help for Aspiring Officers & Team Leaders!

American Dance Team Leader Book Cover

American Dance Team Leader:
Unveil your hidden potential

Distributed by DanceCheer.NET by Leslie's Best
P.O. Box 38
Severance, CO 80546
Price: 49.00
Email: Email Leslie's Best, Inc
URL: Click Here To Learn More!
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Now you can get help for officer tryouts from dance and drill team expert and Backstage Coach, Gina Sawyer. Persuade the judges that YOU are the winning candidate! Dancers may demonstrate excellent talent, but officers are often chosen in the interview. Score More Points by taking the Backstage Coach Interview I.Q. Test. Find out how judges recognize leadership potential, and learn the secrets to effective communication.

  • The #1 audition guide for dance captains, leaders and officers.
  • Take the test and find out if you have what it takes to be a leader.
  • Both dancers and directors will appreciate the leadership vocabulary, interview questions, performance tips and scoresheets.
  • A great preparation guide for team leader auditions.

A WINNING ATTITUDE: Learn how to act and speak like a true leader

LEADERSHIP I.Q. TEST: Do you have what it takes to lead a dance team? Find out your leadership savvy by taking the test

ANSWER KEY TO TEST: Just like the S.A.T. the answer key provides an explanation for both right and wrong answers

THE PERFORMANCE: Learn how to prepare for the audition

ACE THE INTERVIEW: Understand how the candidate, judge, and director all benefit from a fair adjudication

INTERVIEW DOíS AND DONíTS: Find out what will make you a hit and what will make you miss

FIFTY PRACTICE QUESTIONS: Practice makes permanent

DANCE, INTERVIEW AND LEADERSHIP SCORE SHEETS: Ask a friend to be the judge, and use the sample score sheets for practice

"The handbook is really informative. I am much more confident after taking the test and there were things I would never have known to do."

ó Lindsay, First Lieutenant, for the Rockwall High School Stingerettes


Learn From The Best of the Best!!!TM

Backstage Coach Logo




The Cheerleading Book

The Cheerleading Book : Includes Cheers, Charts, and Jumps!/Book and Pom Poms
Book by Stephanie Breaux French
Paperback/119 pages/Published 1995

Order the Book Now!
Kids at the middle school level on up - even those not yet on a squad - will benefit from this colorful book, which provides real cheers, jumps and chants to accompany step-by-step instructions and photos by a professional cheerleader. This is more than a book: the kit includes two pom-poms. Not appropriate for a library; but a perfect home book choice.


The Cheerleading Book

The Cheers and the Tears: A Healthy Alternative to the Dark Side of Youth Sports Today
Book by Shane M. Murphy
Paperback/256 pages/Published 1999

Order the Book Now!



Coaching Kids: It's More than X's and O's

Coaching Kids: It's More than X's and O's
Book by Jonathan H. Buzby
Paperback/36 pages/Published 1996

Order the Book Now(In Stock)!
Order the Book Now(Special Order)!
The book is designed to be easily read (unlike many of the long, bulky books available) by any youth sports coach and contains information that coaches can implement at their very next practice. Some of the topics covered include: liability issues, dealing with parents, coaching difficult kids, and running an effective practice. The topics are relevant to all youth sports as the author was inspired to write the book after coaching multiple sports at the YMCA and realizing how many coaches need to be educated about topics not related to the X's and O's of coaching.



Go! Fight! Win!: Cheerleading in American Culture

Go! Fight! Win!: Cheerleading in American Culture
Book by Mary Ellen Hanson
Paperback/1995/196 pages
Order the Book Now(Available)!
Order the Book Now(On Order)!
A broad overview of cheerleading and its place in American culture, exploring both the positive and negative cultural values. Issues include the social context of the institutionalization and adult control of cheerleading; the changing patterns of social class, age, race, and gender of participants; the development of cheerleading in professional sports in the early 1960s and its relation to mass media entertainment and advertising; the evolution of its style and content; and the meanings, values, and symbolism associated with cheerleading in American culture.


The Sports Medicine Bible: Prevent, Detect, and Treat Your Sports Injuries through the Latest Medical Techniques

The Sports Medicine Bible: Prevent, Detect, and Treat Your Sports Injuries through the Latest Medical Techniques
Book by Lyle J. Micheli, With Mark Jenkins
Paperback /339 pages

Order the Book Now!
One of the nation's foremost sports medicine authorities presents a complete reference guide for today's athlete, featuring the most up-to-date techniques for preventing, diagnosing, and treating all types of sports injuries, and including symptoms charts for acute and overuse injuries. A Reader's Catalog Selection -The 40,000+ best books in print.


World Of Pageantry eZine



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What a wonderful website! I am in the middle of my first visit there and I ordered two books and a sample magazine. I ended up canceling my order through Amazon and went with Barnes & Noble. Thanks!

Michelle Ladd

Hi, Leslie

Thank you for the blindingly fast delivery of Texas Cheerleaders [book]! It is a fantastic little book that I couldn't lay down last night, even while eating supper. I remember two distinct cultural icons of 50's and 60's East Texas life: Bob Wills music; and the Kilgore Rangerettes. Actually. the first dance/drill team that shocked my consciousness was the Navarro County Jr. College "Senioritas", circa 1953. My parents had taken this four year old to a parade (possibly Christmas) in downtown Corsicana; where at least 50 young ladies in short skirts and white boots were plotting something. At the sound of a whistle, they all started marching in place on the old brick street, really stomping hard on their toe taps; and the clatter was awesome! It sounded like a million icicles crashing down at once; and I jumped back up on the curb and hid behind my mother's skirt! I have been curiously addicted to ladies' precision tap ever since!

So the pictures in "Texas Cheerleaders" really trip my trigger of memories; and you couldn't ask for better memories than those of the Rangerettes and all their imitators. I can't imagine Texas without them. Gussie Nell Davis deserves a very big monument.

Thanks again,
Barry & Barbara Bryson

...I got both books, Texas Cheerleaders: The Spirit of America and The Total Drill Team Dimension, and loved them both! Thank you so much!

Leslie Mote
Apache Belle & SWTSU Strutter






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