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Finally...Help for Aspiring Officers & Team Leaders!

American Dance Team Leader Book Cover

American Dance Team Leader:
Unveil your hidden potential

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Severance, CO 80546
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Now you can get help for officer tryouts from dance and drill team expert and Backstage Coach, Gina Sawyer. Persuade the judges that YOU are the winning candidate! Dancers may demonstrate excellent talent, but officers are often chosen in the interview. Score More Points by taking the Backstage Coach Interview I.Q. Test. Find out how judges recognize leadership potential, and learn the secrets to effective communication.

  • The #1 audition guide for dance captains, leaders and officers.
  • Take the test and find out if you have what it takes to be a leader.
  • Both dancers and directors will appreciate the leadership vocabulary, interview questions, performance tips and scoresheets.
  • A great preparation guide for team leader auditions.

A WINNING ATTITUDE: Learn how to act and speak like a true leader

LEADERSHIP I.Q. TEST: Do you have what it takes to lead a dance team? Find out your leadership savvy by taking the test

ANSWER KEY TO TEST: Just like the S.A.T. the answer key provides an explanation for both right and wrong answers

THE PERFORMANCE: Learn how to prepare for the audition

ACE THE INTERVIEW: Understand how the candidate, judge, and director all benefit from a fair adjudication

INTERVIEW DOíS AND DONíTS: Find out what will make you a hit and what will make you miss

FIFTY PRACTICE QUESTIONS: Practice makes permanent

DANCE, INTERVIEW AND LEADERSHIP SCORE SHEETS: Ask a friend to be the judge, and use the sample score sheets for practice

"The handbook is really informative. I am much more confident after taking the test and there were things I would never have known to do."

ó Lindsay, First Lieutenant, for the Rockwall High School Stingerettes


Learn From The Best!!!

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Get help from the best of the best NOW!

Leslie in Sport magazine

DanceCheer.NET Professional Services
Contact: Leslie Goettsch
Email Us For An Estimate!
Hire top professionals from the DanceCheer.NET and SpiritU communities to help you with whatever you need. From choreography to judging to general consulting, you can now get personalized assistance from the best of the best. All services must be prepaid in advance once the specialist and customer agree to their service fee structure. Here are just a few of the services we can offer:

Choreography Services

We have highly experienced choreographers on staff to assist you with your choreography needs. Whether you need a video routine created, music selection/editing tips, on site assistance, or anything related to choreography, now you can finally find a choreographer with the credentials you can trust.
General Consulting
Whatever challenges you may be facing right now, you have an expert you can turn to for guidance and advice. Our experts can help you with challenges like starting a team, getting organized, camp readiness and selection, choreography, judging, tryouts, team building, safety, technique, and much more. If you are facing a challenge and are having a hard time finding the help you need, then the DanceCheer.NET Professional Services are here for you!
Judging Services
Whether you are looking for good judges for your tryouts or competitions, we have certified judges on staff to help you. Don't get caught with questionable tally sheets. Hire a professional judge who is qualified to do the job.
Prep Classes
Trying out for a hot squad but need someone to critique your tryout skills, cheers, and/or routines? Fear not! We have certified judges who can help you whether you are trying out for elementary, middle school, high school, college, or pro!
Private Camps or Critiquing Assistance
Is your team considering a camp yet doesn't have the time or money? Hire the DanceCheer.NET and/or SpiritU professionals to develop a private camp catered to your team's own unique needs. Camps or critiques may be done via video (along with some email consulting to determine what your needs are) or on site.
Tryouts &/or Routine Critiques
Do you have a routine you choreographed for a competition and want to get it streamlined for optimum results? Or do you just need a qualified judge to take a look at your squad performing prior to competition in order to help you clean up the routine for that upcoming competition? The DanceCheer.NET and/or SpiritU professionals, who have had experience in those areas, can assist you to make sure that you are performing at your best. We can help you in all levels from grade school to pro. Give us a call now!

Here is a sample of some of the specialists' qualifications:

  • EXAMPLE CANDIDATE#1: DanceCheer.NET's SpiritU Certification Instructor (1999-present). National Safety Certifier, (AACCA: American Association of Cheerleading Coaches & Advisors). NCA Coaches Certification - Levels 1-3. NCA Judges Certification. ASEP Certification. Illinois High School Association Certification. State Level Judge since 1998. Youth All-Star Squad has placed in 16 of 18 competitions attended since 1996. Founder/Director/Head Coach - Youth All-Star Cheerleading Program (January, 1998 - Present). Commissioner / Head Coach - Youth Football Cheerleading Association (May, 1993 - November, 1997). 10-Year Cheerleader - Youth, High School, College.
  • EXAMPLE CANDIDATE#2: WRITING EXPERIENCE: Training Manuals for Regional Cheer/Dance companies. Coaches Guide Book to a Successful Season for Maryland Pom and Dance Association and a few other Regional Companies. How to Run a Try Out for Regional Companies. A Coach Without Passion Will Not Succeed (written for myself). Many little articles for the various teams that I have coached over the years. SPIRIT EXPERIENCE: Varsity Cheerleader and Pom in High School 4 years (it was a combination squad). Dance Major at Temple University. Danced in several MTV Videos for Patty LaBelle and Aretha Franklin. Danced in Regional Theatre Musical Productions. Choreographed Regional Theatre Musical Productions. Coached High School Pom Squad 10 years. Coached University of Maryland Dance Team 4 years. Coach All Star Dance and Cheer Teams 5 years (current). Won many County, state and regional championships. Have been Nationally ranked by one company or the other over most of my coaching career which began in 1983. I am a certified judge in both cheer and dance. Owned my own Cheer/Dance Company for 3 years (local). Taught and Choreographed for teams up and down the eastern seaboard (Camps/Clinics). Choreographed major half time shows (DC United Soccer Opening Game) (University of Maryland Marching Band). Coached and Choreographed for individual cheerleaders and dancers who have won scholarship money (Hula Bowl, Pro Bowl etc.). This year my current team will be performing at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. I am current on Cheer and Dance from most of the National and Regional Companies as well as on the Fine Arts side of Dance. I have more rule books than I know what to do with. (That is a book in itself to write about the frustration of all the different rules from the different companies).
  • EXAMPLE CANDIDATE#3: Twenty five years experience in advanced dance and drill team studies include being a dance major at SHSU; a Kilgore Rangerette; creator and editor of DanceCheer.NET; Founder and Editor of DanceCheer.NET's SpiritU e-classes, new high kick training program, author of the popular high kick training booklet called Kick the Hat Test, contributing writer for DanceCheer.NET's Spirit Library tips and articles; a member of the Dance/Drill Team Directors of America and The Auxiliary Dance Alliance (TADA), a dancer in the SHSU Dance Company and Encore! Rangerette alumni dance troupe; a staff member, choreographer, and judge with Marching Auxiliaries; as well as studying under respected names in the dance industry such as Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey, Buster Cooper, and Etgen-Atkinson School (former home to the Dallas Ballet).
  • EXAMPLE CANDIDATE#4: If you'd like to be listed as an example candidate, please complete an online application. We are looking for specialists in dance, drill team, cheerleading, pro dance &/or cheer, colorguard, winterguard, twirling, and more. Only the best of the best will be considered for this database.

Qualified pros to assist you in cheerleading, dance, drill team, guard, pro cheer, and twirling!



Get the personalized assistance you need NOW!

Leslie in Sport magazine

Leslie's Best Dance/Drill Services
Leslie Custer Goettsch
P.O. Box 38, Severance, CO 80546
Phone: (970) 674-3387
Email For Info

Get the personalized help you need from the writer and creator of DanceCheer.NET. Dance/drill technique, individual and team evaluations, consultations with new directors, and image or costume consulting. Read about Leslie's twenty five years of advanced dance and drill team studies. Brought teams from disarray to Grand Champion with Leslie's dance/drill technique expertise! As a former top fashion and image consultant for Neiman Marcus, Leslie also can offer inexpensive cutting edge costume ideas. Check out Leslie's new intensive high kick training program, an illustrated booklet called Kick the Hat Test.

  • Don't ruin an expensive costume with the wrong makeup, accessories and shoes!
  • Don't go to tryouts or competition unprepared!
  • Don't go to direct a new team for the first time without being fully informed.
  • Reasonable hourly rates.
  • Geographical location is no problem.

Our customers love us!


Just a note to say thank you for the great comments and suggestions on our new team. ...I do appreciate your time and feel it definitely worth your fee.

Thanks again,





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