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DanceCheer.NET offers tools to help you learn to get higher kicks. Whether you are in dance, drill team, cheerleading, colorguard, winterguard, pep squad, twirling, or other performing groups, you will probably at some time need to be able to perform the splits or a high kick (which is basically like the splits in the air though you need proper development of muscles to be able to lift the leg effortlessly). So if you've been searching for ways to get your kicks higher, then you have found the right place. Best wishes to you for the ability to kick your hats gracefully!


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Kick The Hat Test
Leslie's Best Dance Drill Services
P.O. Box 38, Severance, CO 80546
(970) 674-3387
Booklet by Leslie Goettsch (includes 1 year membership to online support site)
8 pages (81/2"x11"), Illustrated, Published 1999
Our Price: $19.50
Top dance teams require their members to be able to pass the "Hat Test," meaning the dancer is able to kick her hat with apparent ease, proper form and grace. Authored by noted dance and drill team consultant, Leslie Goettsch of Leslie's Best Prep Classes and Consulting. The booklet is a complete training program which offers tips and techniques focusing on getting kicks higher, increasing flexibility, polishing technique, and building the stamina necessary to perform any lengthy, high energy, fast-tempo kick routine. Illustrations and instructions are provided to reinforce proper form. Learn the most common mistakes that judges deduct points for in tryouts and competition. The exercises and tips provided are not ones commonly learned in high school drill teams, and are based on knowledge amassed from Goettsch's twenty five years of advanced dance and drill team studies . Feel free to email or call me with any questions or just for inspiration once you receive the booklet.

NOTE: We are currently working on a 2nd Edition of the Kick The Hat Test booklet, and are out of the original booklet. We have had people desperate for this booklet, so if you are desperate and are not particular about appearances, we can email you a PDF version of the Kick The Hat Test booklet. In that case, you may click here to order the PDF version.


Kick The Hat Test Testimonials & Input

... thank you so much for the informative booklet [kick the hat test]. i have been using it everyday and i know if i keep it up it will pay off. the one stop spirit shop is also great. i visit it almost every day! You are a tremendous help to me in preparing for my college auditions in a few months. thanks again! have a good day! :)


Leslie, I cannot thank you enough for your Kick the Hat Test and your listing of private lessons. I just made the Apache Belles and your website played a tremendous role in this. Your technique tips were also great. There's no telling how many girls dreams come true thanks to the hard work you put into Drill Team Exchange. Thank you again. Have a great day.


Kristin was very happy to receive [the Kick the Hat Test booklet] and was impressed with the stretching program. Once again, Thank you

Bob Garza


It's finally HERE!!!

The Kick The Hat Test Online Support Site with password entry. Kick The Hat Test members get one year's access to this community with a password. Members will be able to access revisions and new exercises added to the program plus participate in an interactive forum where Leslie Goettsch (author of dTe and Kick the Hat Test)and other members offer personalized assistance to your own unique needs regarding the Hat Test training program or any topics related to it. Those who purchase the current hard copy booklet will also have one year membership access to the online support site. Renewals are only $5.oo a year.


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