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Finally, a great brand name selection of PA and sound systems by names like Liberty Sound Systems, Anchor Audio and Pirhana for marching band, cheerleading squads, dance, drill teams, and others needing outdoor PA sound systems at low prices! Perfect for dance, drill team, cheerleading, colorguard, twirlers, gymnasts, bands, schools, churches, and more. Get one for your team and one for your school! You will find a large selection of portable or wireless public address (P.A.), sound, and speaker systems and accessories. Our voice amplification systems vary in their abilities, so you can find one right for your needs and your organization's budget. These systems are great for team practices or small venues yet powerful enough for a crowd. Ideal for anytime you need music and voice projection such as practices, fire drills, outside assemblies, ground breakings, church gatherings, performances on the field or in a parade, spring shows, pep rallies, or warming up for competition. Use it where ever you have a need for something more powerful than a boom box, but can't have a live band available or a fully integrated stadium sound system.



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