The goal of DTE Dance United is to assist teams and individuals who have special needs. We hope to do this by providing an interactive forum for people to seek out needed resources. This section is aimed at and inspired by the many requests for help in areas like team start-up or optimization, low budgets needs, technique and leadership, and especially for those rural and new teams who find that needed resources are either scarce, extremely fragmented or hard to locate. Like Democracy, this is a Grand Experiment. So please be patient and contact us with any suggestions for improvement. God bless the World Wide Web!!!


When corresponding on the Net, always keep internet security measures in mind. Never give out personal information (like address and phone numbers) and minors should keep parents informed of your interactions on the Web.


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Posting policy: These forums are reserved for non-commercial and non-promotional use. They are strictly informational in nature in order to keep these forums from being overrun by promotional postings. Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated.





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