Global listings of performance groups such as dance drill, color guard, cheerleading and professional performance groups. Listings may include pictures, tour schedules, scholarships, merchandise, honors, credits, special travels, camps, competitions, workshops, web links, email and audition information. The purpose of this directory is to showcase teams in a community that is able to connect performance groups with special event planners (media, bowl games, parades, festivals, conventions, etc.) as well as attracting more qualified audition candidates in order to optimize your team membership. By listing the most requested information in one central showcase, visitors will save the time and frustrations of searching through numerous dance & cheer sites in order to locate specific information on teams.


PLEASE NOTE: These are the links for teams and squads that participate in the dTe Club Dance Section. We get a lot of emails asking if we have info on certain teams, but if it is not listed here, then we do not have it...sorry. Check back often for updates.

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