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About Leslie's Best, Inc.


DanceCheer.NET is owned by Leslie's Best Inc., a family owned Christian based company. It was created by Leslie Goettsch, who currently acts as the President and CEO of the company. Leslie has been asked by a lot of people what her background in the dance drill cheer industry is that got her into this website, so here is a brief bio. Leslie has enjoyed over twenty five years experience in advanced dance and drill team studies including the following:

  • Dance and education major at Sam Houston State University (Texas)
  • Kilgore Rangerette (1978-1980)
  • Danced with the SHSU Dance Company and Encore! Rangerette alumni dance troupe
  • Staffmember, choreographer, and judge with Marching Auxiliaries
  • Studied under respected names in the dance industry such as Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey, Buster Cooper, and Etgen-Atkinson School (home to the Dallas Ballet).
  • Member of the The Auxiliary Dance Alliance (TADA) and Dance/Drill Team Directors of America
  • Virginia Long scholarship for Kilgore Rangerettes (1979-1980)
  • German Club scholarship (1979-1980)
  • Who's Who Among American Students (1979-1980)
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0/4.0 grade point average from the University of Texas (Dallas)
  • Author of one booklet and various articles seen throughout the dance and spirit world
  • Former fashion consultant and Assistant Manager at Neiman Marcus (Dallas, TX)
  • Consultant for dance and drill teams, and conducts prep classes for dance and cheer tryouts for youth to professional levels.
Leslie in Sport magazine
Leslie in Sport magazine


About DanceCheer.NET:

DanceCheer.NET is a family owned, Christian based company. The DanceCheer.NET web community was started by Leslie Goettsch as DrillTeamExchange.com in 1997 as a hobby. At that time the Spirit Mall® was just a directory of spirit companies. It was originally geared toward dance and drill team, but we left it open to grow according to visitor need and input. As time passed, we got numerous pleas for help from people involved in colorguard, cheerleading, gymnastics, and later twirling. So we added new sections accordingly. As our web community grew, so did the requests for many hard to find products. We also found the need to get sponsors to help support the cost of maintaining such a large web community. Since we were unable to find sponsors for some of the products being requested, we finally decided to start selling them ourselves. So that is why the Spirit Mall® lists some products that we sell directly and other listings are for companies where you need to contact the company directly. Many listings are still not sponsored, but we list them because we think they're really cool products you should know about. SpiritU® was also created due to repeated pleas for assitance, so we decided SpiritU® would be a great way to connect the top of the line coaches that we heard from with those whose needed their help.

Our clients include high profile names like Sony Pictures, Disney, Cirque du Soleil, Macy's Parade, as well as numerous televised beauty pageants and pro cheerleader squads across the globe including the Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, and Amsterdam Admirals cheerleaders. Our products have been featured in magazines and other media including our Majorette Boots which were featured on the January 2009 cover of Vanity Fair magazine. We also sell to well-known schools like The Julliard School, Penn State ROTC, Albany State, and the University of Texas. The school districts we cater to include Fort Worth ISD, Houston ISD, and numerous others across the nation. Our products have been seen in Target commercials, Verizon commercials, bowl games, pro and arena sports games. We always have people thanking us for our site and saying they wish they'd found us sooner. So please be sure to spread the word so that others may benefit from our site. Thanks again for visiting our web community!

Some people ask why we explicitly express that we are a "Christian" company, mainly because they are concerned as to if we have some sort of Right Wing agenda or if our proceeds go towards certain causes that may not match their own beliefs. We have no express agenda nor do proceeds from orders go to any specific Right Wing agenda. Our belief is that this is a free country which has the wonderful ability of people to express their own religious, spiritual, or non-religious beliefs...whether they be Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Aetheist, Agnostic, etc. We are not here to judge people whose beliefs may differ from ours, and it is our hope that others make the choice not to judge us for openly expressing ours. Diversity makes this country a wonderful place to live when it is not turned into a negative thing.

We're growing! Due to the increasing demand for our high quailty, trend setting products and services, we are opening some new websites. Leslie's Best, Inc. is now offering disctinctive Swarovski crystal crowns, tiaras, scepters, pageant sashes, crown sash pins, Crown Secure Clips, and crown/tiara carrying display cases at wholesale prices to the public. Our tiaras are popular for pageants, prom kings and queens, homecoming queens, theatrical use, Mardis Gras, gifts, bridal stores, web stores, and wedding brides and grooms. Check out our new website at www.eWholesaleTiaras.com. Local customers in the Severance, Windsor, Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland Colorado metroplex are encouraged to visit the website first to view product availability before contacting us.

Your patronage helps us to give back to the community. As we grow, we continually look for new ways to contribute back to the community because we feel that if each person in the US made even the smallest of efforts to do something, anything to make a difference somewhere somehow in the world, then all the sum of the parts will equal a huge impact. Leslie Goettsch found her time as a mentor through the Reading Is Fundamental program to be incredibly rewarding and heartwarming. Leslie's Best as a company has also contributed to the Kids Wish Network, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Carmel Community Living Corporation (mentoring for the developmentally disabled), and Hurricane Katrina charities in addition to helping school teams in the New Orleans Recovery School District. Please check back, because we will be posting some very special stories about how your patronage helps us to help others in very touching and meaningful ways.

We're going GREEN! Know that when you shop with us, you are choosing a company that is continually working towards becoming the most eco-friendly business possible. We currently use wind power, energy efficient appliances, CFL bulbs, recycled packaging, Energy Star appliances, low-flow toilets, SmartWash dishwasher, Low-E Energy Star windows, eco-friendly products, shopping with canvas bags, and we are working towards other eco-friendly measures like solar panels, tankless water heater, more in-depth recycling, increasing our recycling efforts, converting to low flow faucets, utilizing eco-friendly products, and much more.

If you want to learn more about going green, just search the internet using keywords like "going green" and you will find a lot of helpful websites that offer easy, inexpensive ways for you to significantly reduce your carbon footprint. An incredible show to watch is GLOBAL WARMING: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW on the Discovery Channel which discusses how global warming affects us, and the impact it will have on future generations. When you consider the population of our world, and if each and every household and business made the effort to institute changes, we can significantly our carbon footprints and leave a better world for our children.

NOTE TO GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS: Leslie's Best, Inc. is a woman owned business. Government organizations work to ensure minority and woman-owned firms have an equal opportunity to participate in government business opportunities. Our parade rifles, dress gloves, and other products are very big sellers with government organizations across the globe.


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